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Make an impact across the globe.

As a member of Team Printrbot, you are not a number.  You will be a substantial part of bringing 3D printing to the world. Our objective is “a 3D printer in every home” and you can help!  Printrbot is focused on quality, precision, and value. As a team member, you will be challenged.  You will be stretched.  You will be proud.

It’s all in the details.

Every turn of the screw.  Every test print.  Every Simple kit matters …every time.  We are churning out kits and assembled bots at dizzying pace.  But orders can’t just go out fast.  Orders have to go out right.  Customer support can’t just be a quick blanket response.  It needs to be personal, helpful and relevant as well.

Printrbot is constantly evolving and we need team members that can adapt quickly to change.  With that change, we need team members that can execute the changes quickly and accurately.  Printrbot’s strength is in our team’s ability to pivot and move swiftly.  If you value coming in to work to do the same thing day after day… Printrbot probably isn’t for you.

Simple is hard.

If you ever get the chance to talk to a member of Team Printrbot, they will tell you “It’s hard work.”  But they will also tell you that it’s rewarding.  They will tell you that time moves faster in “Printrbot Years”.  They will tell you that it is exciting to be a part of something that is constantly growing, evolving and always getting closer to that perfect balance of high quality and low price point.  At Printrbot, your input matters.  If a team member has an idea to improve a process or design, we want to know!

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